About Moose Hill Worm Farm

Barb at Farmers MarketMoose Hill Worm Farm started as Moose Hill Alpacas as I had mandatory retirement from my job as Air Traffic Controller. I was looking for something to keep busy with after retirement and was very busy researching alpaca farming. After years of watching the alpaca business I knew I would need a barn for them and there was a lot involved in keeping alpacas safe but it was a long term capital investment that could go hoofs up from any number of pitfalls. while browsing on line I found the idea of worm farming for the CASTINGS, now I had tried to get the kids to raise worms to sell for bait to the fishermen at the reservoir just down the road but neither ever bit on that idea. I, like many of the people we talk to at markets did not know of the power of worm castings as a powerful organic soil amendment. After some more research and the idea that worms could share a barn with alpacas, we decided that we didn’t need the alpacas to start our family farm. We now have a dedicated building that is heated and air-conditioned so that we can keep our worms under optimum conditions to produce the finest ¬†high quality organic worm castings on a consistent basis to take care of all our customers. Many of you know us from our “GOT WORM POOP” sign, my daughter Robin realized that our neck of the country was more comfortable with ya’lls and talking poop rather than organic worm castings so “GOT WORM POOP” has become our most recognized banner worthy of mothers having kids do reading exercises to the very frequent photographs taken at the Williamsburg Farmers Market by visitors from around the world. If you have looked us up on line and are able to stop by one of our events, stop and say hello and let us talk about the power of worm castings with you.