The Earth Moved, Part II

I have broken down the amounts that Prof. Edwards says makes the ideal difference in the soil as an amendment by the 20 ton amount and the 4 ton amount. In this way it will give you a better idea of the amount that you should be adding to your gardens.

20 tons per acre

44,000 sq. ft./ 20 tons

11,000 sq. ft./ 5 tons

1,000 sq. ft./ 900 lbs.

100 sq. ft. / 90 lbs


4 tons per acre

44,000 sq. ft. / 4 tons

11,000 sq. ft. / 1 ton

1000 sq. ft. / 182 lbs.

100 sq. ft. / 18 lbs



There you have it does not really take that much to make a huge improvement in the quality of your soil. the spring sales are just around the corner. Look for us Monday at the Founders Inn for the Virginia Horticultural Foundations Home Gardeners Day and the farmers markets open starting February 13th.