One of my customers who wishes to remain nameless has won 5 blue ribbons at the October 2015 Garden Club Rose show in Danville. She uses Moose Hill Worm Castings about A month before her roses would be ready to bloom. For 2016 she is using some early in the year and again later. This is the 2nd year in a row she won a blue ribbon for her roses but forgot to get a picture last year. We wish her good luck for 2016 and expect to have her pictures again in the fall.

Gloucester Blue Ribbon Roses

I hope you’ve had a great fall so far. I just wanted to reach out and thank you so much for the worms. I’ve made worm bins with 13 classrooms since I came to visit and the children have fallen in love with them. The teachers have become more comfortable with them as well! They are using the worms as the impetus for a lot of things we try to teach the children (everything counts, for example) and they are documenting these things in their daily notes home to parents and on their bulletin boards! The bins have become a part of the classroom routine for many of the rooms and they are learning how much moisture should be in the bin and how much to feed them. I finished yesterday making the bins and have noticed that lots of the eggs have hatched! The children have loved using their magnifying glasses to get a closer look at the “little babies” and one class has even taken a couple of their big worms out to have a race (before gently placing them back in the bin)!

I just wanted to give you a quick report so you can see how much of an impact your worms have had on our 200ish kids at school! I’ve been really impressed with how gently they handle them and care for them.
Thank you again! Looking forward to seeing you at the markets and plant sales come Spring! Amanda Montgomery

School Worm Bins

Absolutely love your worm castings! Our garden is not only growing organically, but our plants are much larger and healthier looking than previous years. Our seeds sprouted in just a week and are a very healthy size! Thank you for introducing us to your product! We are your #1 fan!

Lisa Koko Booth

These perennials came up bigger and fuller than last year. Thanks.

Jana Robbins

Repotted my Christmas cactus w/ worm castings. It hasn’t bloomed in three years and just look at it now!

Sarah Nerney

Thanks Moose Hill Worm Farm for the awesome fertilizer for my garden! My veggies are doing great, please thank the worms for me!

Tammy Arnold Petrowicz